Confessions of a Superfan

Charlie Egan

Staff Writer


Folks, for the last 4 months now, I have been writing to you and documenting history. You and I have been privileged to the single most dominant season in Cornell Rams basketball history. Only one team, back in the 1980s, as a team, scored more points. This season, records were shattered, tournaments were hosted, hands were clapped raw, and voices were lost. We saw, no matter which game we watched this year (hopefully all of them) those women walk out onto the court as a family and walk off as winners. So this issue, I’m not going to break down this last tournament game and talk about how they lost. No, I’m going to keep doing what I have done all year, and tell you how they won. Kat Schilling herself said it best: “We are a family” Every practice and every game, they came in and gave it their best and for the entire year, we as Cornell Nation had front row seats to greatness.


3 seniors

2 Losses all year

1 Midwest Conference Championship


It began in November, where the Rams didn’t just win, they dominated. For the first half of the season the Rams were unbeaten, and thought to be unbeatable as many speculated they would have an undefeated season. After a hiccup loss to St. Norbert the Rams continued their streak. So how did they do it? Earlier in the year I interviewed star guard Rikki Mulloy and she definitely made it seem so simple. Work hard. That’s all it took. She told me, and senior Kat Schilling agrees “We are a family. We take each day at a time and just continue to work hard” The family aspect is definitely clear. Many of the players hail from the popular sorority of Phi Omega, the source of many successful athletes and helps anchor the fan base. Throughout the season the team could be seen going to and from practice, as well as to class and associating together, practically as a team.


Folks, I have to repeat myself here. We watched history this year. We had our own MWC MVP. We had 6 known records destroyed or placed on the top 10 leaderboard. We also had record turnout by fans as more and more people turned out to see the games. Fan participation was definitely up this year, and the girls were thrilled to see so many people turn up. The Superfan system set up by a mysterious fan turned up in full force during all tournament games. In a post game interview after their loss Kat was sure to remark on how grateful the team was that so many fans turned up and screamed themselves hoarse in support, Phi-o sister and Superfan alike.

“It’s been absolutely amazing to go here for four years and receive that kind of support.”

Speaking from a fan’s standpoint the really amazing thing is the continued run of success these women continue to have. And there is no sign that this success can’t be repeated. They may be losing their reigning MVP, but Rikki was quick to point out that one of the keys to their success was that they were able to mix returning talent with new freshman very well. Bottom line sports fans? They’re just getting started. Next year is going to be epic.

Appeared in Print: March 25, 2013