Interview with Samantha Jenks

Samantha Jenks

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University


Reed: “What day-to-day activities does your job involve?”

Jenks: “A typical day consists of coming in for our treatment hour and helping athletes with rehab. Then later in the day I’ll come back in before practices or games and help get the athletes ready. Typical pre-practice or pre-game activities include stretching, heating, taping, and therapeutic modalities such as e-stim or ultrasound.”

R: “What attracted you to Cornell for employment?”

J: “I was initially attracted to Cornell because of its smaller size being a D3 school. This is my first official athletic training job post-undergrad, and I knew I wanted it to be in a slower paced atmosphere where I could absorb as much high quality experience as possible working with other great clinicians… I think part of me was ready to get out of the city for a little while. For the past 6 years I had been living and going to school in a city similar in size to Cedar Rapids or Des Moines.”

R: “Why did you choose your career field?”

J: “I like to always say that athletic training chose me and that I did not choose it…While I was taking pre-requisites I enrolled in an Intro to Athletic Training class for a wellness credit and absolutely fell in love with it. I had the class at 8am and it was an hour commute from my house to campus but I still found myself wide awake every day at 6am anxiously waiting to go to class. I’d never felt that way about class before, ever.”

R: “What has been your favorite moment on the job so far?”

J: “My favorite moment on the job so far has just been the realization of making it as an athletic trainer. Athletic training classes were pretty tough–I logged countless unpaid clinical hours as a student, and worked a full-time retail job I hated just so I could survive and get to my better tomorrow. During one early morning pre-season soccer practice watching the girls practice, it just hit me that I made it and that today was my better tomorrow. Everything I had killed myself for during undergrad was all for that moment and all the moments to come.”

Jess Reed, Co-Editor-in-Chief