Women’s Cross Country Makes Big Leap in National Ranking

The Women’s Cross Country team moved up seven spots in last week’s NCAA Division III

Coaches’ Poll. The results, released weekly by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country

Coaches Association, are based on how well a team does as well as who they play against.

This year is the first time in program history that Women’s Cross Country has broken into the top

35 teams for national rankings. Last week’s seven spot leap has placed them even further into the

ranks of Cornell historical achievement.

“Cornell’s current ranking is indicative of our team’s potential. The ranking serves a distinctive

purpose­ motivation,” said Abrah Masterson, one of the team’s captains. It is a great honor to our

team to see that we are competing with some of the top Division III schools in the nation, but it

is also a reminder of the miles we have ahead of us.”

Women’s Cross Country is led by three team captains this year. Along with Masterson, Laura

Wetzel (16) and Sam Martinez (16) lead the pack.

“We have a terrific one­two punch with Abrah and Sam. They have earned seven All­American

honors between them, and they are stronger front runners than the top two from just about any

other team in the country,” said Cross Country coach Dan Schofer. “The whole team is really

close and supportive of one another, and they push each other in practice each day. That team

unity and work ethic is critical for our success.”

Both Schofer and Masterson agree that team mentality has been the key to their success this


“We have a great group this year, and it’s been exciting to see the improvements in our program

over the last several years,” Schofer said, citing the achievements and specific strengths of each

of the team’s runners.

“We are a single unit with support and pride in our hearts for this sport and for each other, and

that is what has fostered our success,” said Masterson. “Every race is a chance to compete, and

we need to do just that and with all of the heart and dedication that we possess.”

Schofer is confident that the team will continue to succeed as the season continues. They have

their eyes set on a conference and regional championships, as well as qualification for nationals.

“Our main goals are always simply to train well, stay healthy, support each other, and run our

best at the end of the season,” Schofer said. “I can’t wait to see what this team can achieve!”


Jess Reed, Co-Editor-in-Chief