Imam Hassan on Compassion





Imam Hassan speaks in Allee Chapel on compassion
Source: Laurel Fraser





On Wednesday, September 30,  Imam Hassan, the Imam at the Cedar Rapids Islamic Center, talked about the Islamic perspective on compassion at 11:15 a.m. in the Allee Chapel as part of Inter-Spiritual Healing Wisdom series. The series is hosted by the Chaplain of Cornell College and Spiritual Life Interfaith Understanding student leaders, and it focuses on different topics of faith.

This year, they are covering the topic of compassion and invited various speakers that hold different religious views to talk about compassion. Next year, the Chaplain of Cornell College and Spiritual Life Interfaith Understanding student leaders are planning to focus on the topic of forgiveness. Father Cathy, Cornell College’s Chaplain, says the series of those events will educate the Cornell College community on overcoming ignorance and breaking stereotypes about various religious flows.

Imam Hassan talked about different components of Islam.  Islamic people believe in 6 particles of faith: God, angels, scriptures, life after death, Muhammad the Messenger and people’s destiny. He said that everything the Islamic people do and perform come from such main forces as the Koran and the Hadith, and those forces let the Islamic people accept the reality of the unseen.

The Imam proceeded to explaining various ideas and concepts of the Koran. He talked about compassion, love, mercy, and kindness as very essential components of Islam.

“The idea of compassion is rooted in Islam, and everything that the Islamic people want is to peacefully live in the world and interact with other people around them,” said Hassan.

Hassan mentioned different stories of the prophets and talked about the Prophet Muhammad who was sent to the world to show people mercy and compassion. His teachings, along with the teachings of other prophets, have been transmitted from generation to generation over millennia. This tradition of passing knowledge from one teacher to another through oral tradition still happens today.

Besides telling the audience different stories of the Prophet and the concept of compassion in Islam, Hassan also discussed the Islamic acceptance of other religions and the idea of gentleness in Islam. He said that in Islam people should be gentle to everything they are touching and roughness or violence are not accepted.


The future events of the Inter-Spiritual Healing Wisdom Series:

  • Jewish tradition on compassion with Rabbi Todd of Temple Judah, Wed., Oct. 14th at 11:15 a.m. -noon
  • Maitri or Buddhist loving kindness with Zuiko, Zen priest of CR Zen Center, Wed. Nov. 11 at 3:30 p.m.
  • Christian liberation theology perspective (African American or Latin American) on compassion and social justice with Rev. Heecheon of Mount Vernon’s United Methodist Church in Jan or Feb.
  • Hindu Vedanta on love/compassion with Prof. Joseph Molluer, Cornell Religion Department.  Feb or March t.b.a..

By Polina Durneva, Staff Writer