Rams Dominate Grinnell in Homecoming Match

The Rams started out strong in Saturday’s Homecoming match against Grinnell, which would turn out to be a record-setting 60-6 victory for Cornell.

Photo Taken by Jessica Meis

The first quarter alone saw two touchdowns for the Rams, and a strong defense that forced Grinnell’s offense to punt numerous times in fourth down.

Grinnell brought a stronger game during the second quarter, but it wasn’t strong enough. For the first few minutes of play, the ball changed sides frequently and neither side made much progress to either end zone.

Finally, the Rams made headway thanks to a series of successful passes from quarterback Daniel Brown (18) to wide receiver Ben Knake (16).With one final, long pass Knake ran the ball in for a touchdown. A successful field goal brought the score to 21-0 in favor of Cornell.

Photo taken by Jessica Meis

Wolfgang Strovers (16), a running back, was the star of the remaining quarter. Strovers ran the ball through Grinnell’s defense time after time, pushing Cornell’s offense closer to the end zone. With the gap closing in, wide receiver Alec Dansereau (19) ran the ball in for a fourth touchdown.

With less than two minutes left in the first half, Grinnell was forced to punt yet again in an attempt to handicap the advance of Cornell’s upcoming offensive efforts. This strategy proved to be counterintuitive when the punt was caught and run all the way down to the 45 yard line.

With just one minute remaining, Cornell’s offense advanced down the line. Dynamic duo, Brown and Knake teamed up for yet another stunning touchdown. Brown threw a long pass at least 30 yards to Knake who caught the ball in the end zone.

During halftime, Cornell inducted four new members to the athletic hall of fame. They were wrestler and football player Ryan Reasland (97), Cross country and track athlete Jeff Maples (89), wrestler Steve Goodall (87), and wrestler Dean Miller (86).

The second half of the game was not unlike the first. Cornell continued to dominate Grinnell, racking up more points and holding Grinnell to one touchdown and no field goals. With a final score of 60-6, the Rams achieved a decisive Homecoming victory.

Rams Football will face off against Knox College on Sat. October 17, hopefully continuing the momentum of domination from last weekend’s homecoming game.


Jess Reed, Co-Editor-in-Chief