UNICEF Club Raises Money by Selling Care Packages

Amidst all of the Homecoming activities that graced the Hilltop last week, Cornell’s UNICEF campus initiative, Believe in Zero, held a fundraiser selling care packages.

Throughout the week, Believe in Zero members manned a table in the library displaying sample packages. They also set up outside of Culture Show and the Homecoming football game.

Packages were available for purchase to be sent to anyone on campus, including faculty and staff. Purchasers chose from a variety of snack options, and could customize the type and amount of items included in each package.

Options included chips, granola bars, and a variety of sodas and candy. Packages could be delivered in standard plastic wrap, or in an actual basket for a small price increase.

“Our idea was that during this special week, students, parents and alumni may want to send some care packages to their friends, children and even professors and staff members on campus,” said Thao Luu (16), President of Believe in Zero.

The event saw response from both current students and some alumni and parents on campus for homecoming events. The club even picked up a few new members intrigued by the fundraiser and its cause.

The profits from the care packages will be donated to the UNICEF U.S. Fund to support child refugees affected by the European migration crisis. Luu explained that  the club set a goal to raise $100 total, but would be happy with whatever amount of money they could contribute to the cause.

This is not the first fundraiser that Believe in Zero has conducted since its founding a little over two years ago. The club has also raised money for children in Syria, as well as for earthquake victims in both Japan and Nepal.

Following a week of sales, Believe in Zero has been packaging and delivering purchases throughout this week.

“We will definitely consider running this event in the future. However, if our new members next year want to come up with something cool and new, I would love to try out the new idea so that our fundraisers each year are different and interesting,” Luu said.

Believe in Zero meets on the second and third Thursday of every block at 11:45 a.m. Their next fundraising event will take place in coordination with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.


Jess Reed, Co-Editor-in-Chief