Interview with Cornell’s New Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Cornell Athletics announced Meredith Merce as the new head coach of the women’s lacrosse team mid-October of this year. Merce brings numerous accolades from her own lacrosse career, including New England’s Female Athlete of the Year (2012-13), and multiple tournament wins on the American International Sports Team.

Reed: “What kind of experience do you have with lacrosse and other athletics?”

Merce: “I have a lot of experience with playing lacrosse. I started playing in the seventh grade and finished my career during my senior year in college. I also played soccer since I was five years old up until I was eighteen. Since college I have coached a club team, multiple clinics, and a high school team for lacrosse.”

R: “What qualities do you think are important to be a coach?”

M: “I think qualities that are important in a coach are leadership, knowledge of the game and their athletes, communication, motivation and consistency.”

R: “What are your thoughts so far on this year’s lacrosse team?”

M: “We haven’t started practicing yet; our first fall practice will be November 1. I have met them and feel extremely confident in them.”

R: “What goals do you have for the upcoming season?”

M: “This season we’re looking to build our program and continue to progress. Our goal for this season is to just be better than the last and continue to grow. My long term goal for this team is winning a conference championship.”

The Women’s Lacrosse team will have their first game of the year on Feb. 20, 2016.


Jess Reed, Co-Editor-in-Chief