Slick Shoes Hosts Annual Halloween Dance

On Friday, Oct. 30, Slick Shoes held their annual Halloween dance, providing a space for any student interested in swing or ballroom dance to hang out and pursue their interest.  Aside from the social dance setting, the dance also included a lindy hop lesson and a costume contest.

Slick Shoes Vice President Jess Reed said, “We like to provide an opportunity for those who are learning how to dance to practice their skills in a more social setting as opposed to a lesson-based environment.  However, we also enjoy seeing new faces at our dances and helping newcomers get involved with dance, even if only in a small way.”

The event started at 7:30 pm with the lesson, as is typical for Slick Shoes dances, and ended at 11 pm.  Bon Appetit provided cupcakes and lemonade for the dancers to enjoy.

The dance featured all of the types of dance that Slick Shoes offers lessons in, including lindy hop, Charleston, waltz, tango and salsa.  Many of the songs were Halloween themed, including tracks from The Nightmare Before Christmas and “Monster Mash,” but several swing staples were played as well.  There were also several dances to songs from movies, including a waltz to the theme from Howl’s Moving Castle and a Charleston line to “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin.

There were several entries for the costume contest, including among other things a Team Rocket cosplay by Arturo Hernandez (16) and Halee Schomberg (16).  Sy Cirlin (16) won third place as the PMS Avenger, Emily Strawn (18) won second place as Sexually Confusing Seamus, and Timothy Pavlik (16) and Laura Wetzel (16) won first place with the paired costumes Father Time and Mother Earth.  The prize for the contest was two tickets to the Bijou.

Reed said, “This year’s turnout was not as strong as we have seen in other years, but everybody definitely had a good time and we saw some amazing costumes plus some pretty quality dance skills.”


by Katherine Uhlenkamp, Arts & Entertainment Editor