A Map for Your Life

Aloyce J.M. Jr.–Staff Writer While the poorest person in the world is a person without a dream, the most frustrated person in the world is one who has a dream but wanders trying to bring it to fruition. This is true about most of us who are still in college—drifting from dormitories to Café Bon […]

Reinstate omelet day by

Alyssa Zavislak–Staff Writer To the freshmen class and transfer students, I am terribly sorry that your Sundays will never live up to their full potential. To the rest of Cornell’s student body, I am sure you will all agree with me that Sundays will never be the same now that Bon Appétit is our food […]

The year of a hawk and a hare

Avery Schleichkorn–Staff Writer At the beginning of a new year one cannot help but reflect on days gone by. When I first came to Cornell from urban Chicago, I was excited by the majestic birds of prey I saw throughout my freshman year. Sightings of Red Tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles were the highlights of […]

The curse of Adam Greenburg

Tim Bates–Staff Writer Many of you have probably not heard of Adam Greenberg. He was a rising prospect in the Chicago Cubs minor leagues and was called up from AAA Iowa to help a struggling Cubs team  mid-season. As a Cubs fan I remember this day well. Greenberg made his Major League debut on July […]

Rams roll vs. Beloit

Charlies Egan–Staff Writer In an incredible display of both offensive and defensive prowess, Cornell rolled over Beloit on Sept. 29. They defeated the Buccaneers 48-8, giving up the fewest points in head coach Vince Brautigam’s three-year Cornell career. The offense, led by quarterback Juan Flores, racked up a total of 558 yards. Flores himself accounted […]

One book, one campus

Stephen Pittman–News Co-Editor On Thursday, Sept. 20, Kathy Obear, president of Alliance for Change Consulting and founding faculty of the Social Justice Training Institute, came to Cornell’s campus to deliver the school’s annual One Book Convocation. This year’s One Book was “The Other Wes Moore,” written by Wes Moore. “The Other Wes Moore”explores the lives […]

Opportunities for students through Cornell LEADS

Dyonis Miller–News Co-Editor Those students interested in developing leadership skills, or just further honing what they already know, were given the opportunity to attend an information session concerning Cornell LEADS (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Distinctive Service) on Monday, Sept. 24 in the Commons. After students were given a quick background to the program, they were invited […]

Students care for Cornell

Dyonis Miller–News Co-Editor Students and faculty walking past the Orange Carpet (OC) on Friday, Sept. 28, would have been audience to a large gathering of students being equipped with trowels, trash bags and paint cans. The idea behind this was an event called Care 4 Cornell, a way for students to give back to the […]