Dr Know It All

Dr. Know-It-All Panel Answers Cornell’s Questions About Race   On Tuesday, February 9, a panel sponsored by BACO answered questions that were submitted by Cornell students the previous Monday. These questions were about the black experience, black culture, current problems facing the black community, and the nature and origin of Black History Month. The panel […]

Student creative piece: Poker

John, Paul, Marge, and May were sitting around the green felt table when the newcomer walked in. All four of them turned to size him up. He was a man in his prime, probably around thirty years old and of average height with messy brown hair. He walked confidently, his black dress shoes thumping on […]

Movie Review: The Intern

  The Intern, a new release which premiered September 25th, is a thoroughly modern tale with an old school twist. Written and directed by Nancy Meyer, the movie tells the story of Ben Whittaker (played by Academy and Golden Globe Awards winner Robert De Niro), a 70-year old widowed retiree with entirely too much time […]

The Glass Menagerie Opening Thursday

Perhaps one of Tennessee Williams’ most renowned pieces of work, The Glass Menagerie follows a family in Depression-era St. Louis as they struggle to make sense of the world. Cornell College will be co-producing the play with Riverside Theatre in Iowa City, drawing on talents from both crews for acting and production. Jim VanValen, associate […]

Movie Review: The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials, directed by Wes Ball, is the second installment in the Maze Runner series, a science-fiction action series that takes place in a dystopian future.  The series uses many of the classic tropes of its genre, including a zombie-like virus, an evil corporation, and modern cities lying in ruins.  The Scorch Trials is […]

The Visit

    by Ujjesa Dhanak Spine-tingling with bursts of comedy that effectively ease the tension, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit tells the story of a touching family reunion gone sour. A single mother sends her two children to meet their estranged grandparents for the first time, but little do they know that everything is not […]