Cornell Caucusing for Nation’s Future

  This year is building up to be interesting and highly political, as the presidential election – with its variety of unique and sometimes scandalous candidates – draws nearer. For many, college is a time when they become politically involved, and for some this may be their first opportunity to vote or participate in an […]

Bombing for Bees: Creating a Bee-Friendly Cornell

Cornell was recently the lucky host of international artist Mike Bianco, who self-describes his practice as “socially engaged art, and focuses on issues of politics, environment, sustainability, community activism, energy decline, and the impending ‘century of crisis.’” Bianco’s particular interest is in bees. A highly educated individual, Bianco has earned a BA in Interdisciplinary arts […]

DOORS of Opportunity and Understanding

As a small liberal arts college, Cornell is in a unique position to provide resources for students that other post-secondary schools are unable to. Examples of this  include Cornell’s small class size, ability to work one-on-one with students, numerous on-and-off campus opportunities, and disability services and resources under the office of Academic Support and Advising. […]

A Celebration of Goodwill through Ceramics

After a block’s worth of hard work, the Goodwill clients were ready to showcase their beautiful ceramic creations at the celebration Monday, Oct. 21. Garnished with a video documentary about Goodwill, catering and the star of the show, their pottery, clients of Goodwill were able to share the process of working with the clay to […]

Programs, Passports, and Preparation: Ready to Study Abroad?

Of the myriad of “experiences” integral to the college experience, a study abroad is one of the foremost among them. Last Tuesday, October 6 saw this year’s first Off-Campus and Study Abroad Fair held over lunch. Ringer dining room was host to numerous booths representing a small part of the off-campus study opportunities that Cornell […]

Imam Hassan on Compassion

        Imam Hassan speaks in Allee Chapel on compassion Source: Laurel Fraser         On Wednesday, September 30,  Imam Hassan, the Imam at the Cedar Rapids Islamic Center, talked about the Islamic perspective on compassion at 11:15 a.m. in the Allee Chapel as part of Inter-Spiritual Healing Wisdom series. The […]