Cornell Caucusing for Nation’s Future

  This year is building up to be interesting and highly political, as the presidential election – with its variety of unique and sometimes scandalous candidates – draws nearer. For many, college is a time when they become politically involved, and for some this may be their first opportunity to vote or participate in an […]

Dr Know It All

Dr. Know-It-All Panel Answers Cornell’s Questions About Race   On Tuesday, February 9, a panel sponsored by BACO answered questions that were submitted by Cornell students the previous Monday. These questions were about the black experience, black culture, current problems facing the black community, and the nature and origin of Black History Month. The panel […]

Interview with Cornell’s New Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Cornell Athletics announced Meredith Merce as the new head coach of the women’s lacrosse team mid-October of this year. Merce brings numerous accolades from her own lacrosse career, including New England’s Female Athlete of the Year (2012-13), and multiple tournament wins on the American International Sports Team. Reed: “What kind of experience do you have […]

Bombing for Bees: Creating a Bee-Friendly Cornell

Cornell was recently the lucky host of international artist Mike Bianco, who self-describes his practice as “socially engaged art, and focuses on issues of politics, environment, sustainability, community activism, energy decline, and the impending ‘century of crisis.’” Bianco’s particular interest is in bees. A highly educated individual, Bianco has earned a BA in Interdisciplinary arts […]