Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

by Annie Broutman

An Argument for Broadening our Conceptions of Literature

This article will aim to tackle an issue which is as damaging as it is pervasive: literary snobbery. As someone that has studied English at Cornell for almost four years now, I’m privy to some attitudes from others that share my passion for the written word. As scholars of literature, we’ve closed ourselves off from those who do not share our high-brow conceptions of the Literary. One realm in which this elitist attitude can be seen most clearly is in considering the value of other mediums. More often than not,Read More

Cornell Caucusing for Nation’s Future

  This year is building up to be interesting and highly political, as the presidential election – with its variety of unique and sometimes scandalous candidates – draws nearer. For many, college is a time when they become politically involved, and for some this may be their first opportunity to vote or participate in an election. Cornell College has been very active in involving its community in this process, inviting many presidential candidates – including Hillary Clinton, Mark Everson, Bernie Sanders, Carly Fiorina, and Martin O’Malley – and even former-presidentRead More

Dr Know It All

Dr. Know-It-All Panel Answers Cornell’s Questions About Race   On Tuesday, February 9, a panel sponsored by BACO answered questions that were submitted by Cornell students the previous Monday. These questions were about the black experience, black culture, current problems facing the black community, and the nature and origin of Black History Month. The panel featured Peter Catchings (16), Glory-Lieb Tetuh (17), Kayla Morton (16), Fin Amanor-Boadu (16), and Kahn Branch (16), who all took turns answering questions that ranged from the appropriation of black culture to mass incarceration andRead More

Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Source: IMDB

  Crimson Peak, released on Oct. 16 of this year, is a gothic romance about a young woman named Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) and her marriage to the dashing Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). In the beginning of the film, Edith is a writer trying to get her stories published despite the obstacle posed by her gender. She’s smart, independent and somewhat obstinate–an interesting character all around. Then she meets Thomas Sharpe, who is in town on business. Even though Edith initially seems opposed to Thomas’s title and societal position, sheRead More

Public Forum Encourages Involvement in Local Politics

Paul Tuerler talks to Dale Dellimore (19), Ryan Kelly (18), and Micah Hawker-Boehnke (16) after the forum

Source: Ujessa Dhanak

                On Monday, Oct. 27, thanks to Katie Wilson of Cornell’s Career and Civic Engagement Center, the Mount Vernon Sun and the Cornell Republicans, students had a chance to connect with Mount Vernon residents and local politics at the local election forum. Students and citizens were encouraged to ask questions of Mount Vernon’s mayoral and city council candidates in preparation for the upcoming election. The Mount Vernon City Council has five seats: three council members, a mayor and a mayor pro tempore. InRead More

Interview with Cornell’s New Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Cornell Athletics announced Meredith Merce as the new head coach of the women’s lacrosse team mid-October of this year. Merce brings numerous accolades from her own lacrosse career, including New England’s Female Athlete of the Year (2012-13), and multiple tournament wins on the American International Sports Team. Reed: “What kind of experience do you have with lacrosse and other athletics?” Merce: “I have a lot of experience with playing lacrosse. I started playing in the seventh grade and finished my career during my senior year in college. I also playedRead More

Cornell’s UNICEF Club Throws Halloween Bash for Local Children

Halloween is a typically a time for dressing up and eating candy. Cornell’s UNICEF club, Believe in Zero, combined this well-loved tradition with an endeavor to garner funds for children in need and raise awareness about club activities. Believe in Zero did so by hosting a Halloween party in the old fire station in downtown Mt. Vernon. This is the second year that they have had the party, following the inaugural bash last year that was met with significant success. Last year’s party featured face paint, pumpkin decorating and aRead More

Gordon Graham and Eliza Smith take home prizes from Scary Stories Night

With a full moon filling the nighttime sky and the recent cold beginning to set in everyone’s bones, it was an oddly appropriate night for hot chocolate and horrific tales last Thursday. A short trudge across campus to the Van Etten-Lacey House found several students gathered round to share their favorite paranormal plights, ectoplasmic anecdotes, and serial killer stories. Hosted by the Student Literary Advisory Board (SLAB), the event allowed students to either simply recount a favorite scary story or give voice to an original fiction of their own. TheRead More

Bombing for Bees: Creating a Bee-Friendly Cornell

Cornell was recently the lucky host of international artist Mike Bianco, who self-describes his practice as “socially engaged art, and focuses on issues of politics, environment, sustainability, community activism, energy decline, and the impending ‘century of crisis.’” Bianco’s particular interest is in bees. A highly educated individual, Bianco has earned a BA in Interdisciplinary arts from Alfred University, a Masters in Curatorial Practice from the California College of the Arts, a Masters of Fine Arts in Art & Design from the Stamps School of Art and Design at the UniversityRead More